Hey there, welcome to Outfit Zest, land of quirky, sustainable fashion choices and gallery of people embracing their sense of personal style.

My name is Joy and I am the founder of Outfit Zest.
I originally started this blog as a means to practice photography and chose clothing as the subject because I think clothing is a fun form of self-expression. However, the more I learned about the fashion industry the less I wanted to be a part of it so my blog mission has evolved from being a fashion blog to being a sustainable fashion blog. The clothing that I wear is all secondhand, handmade, or from transparent artisan companies that treat their workers fairly. In addition to posting my own outfit photos, I like to photograph other people and try to capture their unique sense of style. You can see these photos in my style portrait gallery with links to the full posts. Clothing is the skin we get to choose for ourselves and I love sharing the marvelous diversity in what people wear.

In this blog I like to write about:
-Appreciating the world and people around us
-Buying less and choosing well
-Ethical and sustainable fashion choices

Outfit Zest focuses on loving what you already have while emphasizing that you don't need physical things to be happy. It is a fashion blog against fast fashion. My hope is that through reading the posts, you feel inspired to have fun getting dressed and embrace your wonderful individuality.

For sponsorship inquiries, other questions, or just to say hello e-mail me at joymariebrown(at)gmail.com

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To learn more about me as a person, keep on scrolling.  
 A little about me.....
As mentioned before, my name is Joy. When I'm not blogging I work as an elementary and preschool teacher in a small town on the outskirts of Philadelphia. It is a great place to live and work because I am surrounded by gorgeous nature preserves with the city right out my back door.

Here are a few things I like:
Spending time outside
Children's books
Swing dancing
Local history
People who make things

In 2013, I got married to this great guy named Ben. He is my best friend and adventure companion. We annoy each other, respect each other, and have fun together. You know, typical marriage stuff.
Between the two of us, Ben and I have traveled to sixteen different countries, share twenty-nine nieces and nephews, and live in an apartment with three other people and two cats. 
Together we stay ready for the unexpected. 
But...most of the time life is normal.
And oftentimes that is when the best moments happen. 

Love, Joy.