Monday, April 10, 2017

Wearing the same thing over and over.

This past winter I put some work into curating my personal style. This involved journaling exercises, playing with color schemes, trying on loads of clothing, and ultimately sorting through my closet. It was a difficult thing to do at first because I love lots of different styles. I like girly princess dresses, I like tomboy vibes, I like hippie dippie outfits, I like unexpected combinations. But what I discovered is that there are certain themes that run through what I like. One theme is lots of earthified color. Earthified is my made up word for adding earth tones to bright colors. As in, not orange but rust. Not purple but plum. Not yellow but mustard. You get where I'm going with this? Slightly muted color but still lots of it. The other important theme is comfort. Something that's totally overlooked in the world of fashion bloggers. Working in a preschool, I need clothes that I can move and get dirty in. The outfit I'm wearing in these photos has basically become my winter uniform (in and outside of the classroom). Boots, skinnies, a tee, and a cardigan. It's comfortable, it's easily washable, and I feel confident wearing it. But the problem with narrowing personal style down to a uniform is that now I don't feel like I have anything to blog about! Perhaps it's time for Outfit Zest to start a new chapter? Or perhaps this blog will keep me experimenting with personal style. With warmer weather underway, it could be an excuse for some revamping. But in the meantime I'm totally happy to wear the same things over and over. 

Everything I'm wearing is old or thrifted except for my shirt from the Cafe Blue Moose (an amazing eatery in New Hope, Pennsylvania that everyone should go to).

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