Monday, February 20, 2017

Winter Mix Tape: Couple's Photography

This winter has given me much needed time to listen to music. Long evenings have me reaching for my headphones to get lost in the intricacies of new albums as well as enjoying the comforts of old favorites. So more often then not, I find myself making playlists. If you follow my blog, you may remember this summer mix tape post I put together at the end of August.
In the post I talked about feeling nostalgic for a car with a cassette player. Cute, right? Fast forward 5 months and we're now the proud owners of a 2002 Honda accord complete with a tape deck and CD player. Thank you very much. Pfffft. Ok, ok, I know it's really not something to brag about (especially because the only reason we have this car is because we totaled our old car in the snow) but hey! No judgments here! While I'm at it, I might start bragging about my flip phone as well! Jk everyone. Jk. I do own a smart phone. Anyhow, Ben and I took our new old car on a little date to the park this evening (60 degrees in February. Crazy. Loving it) and ate pizza while I buzzed around taking pictures to practice more couple's photography. It's a tricky thing. Being in photos and being the photographer. Constant running back and forth, adjusting settings, tripod, poses. Despite my continual practice taking outfit photos, I'm still much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. But photography aside, Ben and I had a most excellent time. Pizza, music, being outside. What's not to like?
Skirt patch by Tatooit

Winter Mix Tape
  1. Survive by Dr. Dog
  2. A Century of Elvis by Belle&Sebastian
  3. January Hymn by The Decemberists
  4. You Were Never There by Diego Garcia
  5. San Francisco by Foxygen
  6. Only the Young Die Good by Saintseneca
  7. Nothing Matters When We're Dancing by The Magnetic Fields
  8. Can't You Tell by Vetiver
  9. Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman
  10. The Cracks by Wild Child
  11. You Only Live Once by the Strokes

You can listen to this list my visiting my Spotify account here.

Outfit Details
Everything is old or thrifted

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