Monday, February 13, 2017

Library Love Notes

I like using Valentine's Day as an excuse to do random acts of kindness. This year that meant leaving encouraging notes in library books. Do you like doing anything special for Valentine's Day? I know hearts and doilies aren't for everyone but I still think it's nice to recognize the holiday in some small way (even if it has nothing to do with romance).

Outfit Details
Everything else I'm wearing is old, homemade, or thrifted.


  1. What a sweet gesture and I LOOOVE those tights! Thanks for linking up at Fabulous Friday!

  2. Such fabulous photos and what a marvelous way to spread cheer and kindness. I adore the details of your outfit like the collar and the tights. I'm so delighted that you shared your post on my Fine-Whatever link up.


  3. Awww, how nice and kind of you! I love this idea! And you look fabulous in your outfit! Beautiful photos!
    Edwige |