Monday, February 27, 2017

Daily Vibes: Calm

Lately I've been inspired by Today Is blog posts on A Beautiful Mess. The premise is to take photos throughout the day around a specific theme (or just take photos and see if a theme emerges). These were all photos I snapped this past weekend (mostly early Saturday morning). The theme is calm and refreshed because that's how I woke up feeling. Sunlight soaked through my open bedroom window, the air was warm, acoustic music tinkled through the house, and I didn't have to be anywhere immediately. In high school and college I was a complete night owl, but these days I find myself enjoying mornings more and more. There is something both relaxing and exciting about the start of a new day. With potential to explore, read, create, and visit with friends, weekends can't get much better. Mmmmmhmmm. Wishing you well this week!
Cheers, Joy.

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