Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter Wedding Anniversary Shoot in the Snow

Wow did I feel lucky to do this photo shoot. This month marks Gael and Kier's two year anniversary. Today we received the snow that their wedding day did not provide and celebrated with a wedding themed photo shoot where Gael got to wear her wedding dress again. Despite the cold and wet, photographing a wedding dress in the snow was absolutely dreamy. This wedding dress is particularly special because it has a story behind it. Before their engagement, Gael began pinning images and planning for her wedding day with a specific dress in mind. She knew she wanted long sleeves and a lace neckline that came up on the neck. After Gael and Kier got engaged, Gael's mom pulled out the dress she got married in to show her daughter. It was identical to what Gael dreamed up for herself without any prior knowledge of what her mom had worn. So with a few alterations and a extra stitches, Gael got married in her mother's wedding dress.

Polar bear wedding cake toppers! Aren't they the cutest?

You may recognize Gael and Kier from this photo shoot featuring their home made Halloween costumes. What I love about Gael and Kier is how creative and adventurous (running around in the snow in a wedding dress for an hour) they are. Kier designs board games, video games, and card games. Gael runs her own Etsy shop. Basically, these two just rock at life. 

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