Monday, December 19, 2016

Room Tour

Ok to be honest, this post wasn't scheduled. I was just too much of baby to go outside today. It's cold and gray and I just wanted to stay indoors. Also, I love my room so I want to share it! This is where I live with my husband Ben. The room is approximately 177 square feet and it functions as our bedroom, study, art studio, and living space. My dad built the loft above our bed which essentially functions as an attic. It's where we store off season clothing, Christmas decorations, lawn games, and other things that aren't used regularly. Going vertical is my number one piece of advice for storage in a tiny space. Before the loft was built, it felt like we were living in a closet (fortunately that period didn't last long). We moved from our own apartment into a shared space a little over two years ago to cut down on expenses. There isn't a living room in this apartment so our room is where we spend the most time and it's important to me to have a space that I enjoy. What I've learned is that organization and decluttering is essential. 
You don't need more space you need less stuff.

This photo is actually old. I stole it from a post about femininity published back in the spring. But because our current windowsill is playing host to a Christmas tree as well as all the potted plants, I wanted to give a more accurate (and less cluttered) picture of what things usually look like.
Don't you like the sweaters we gave our whales for the colder months?'s freezing outside.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
-William Morris

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