Monday, November 14, 2016

Charley Girl Skirts

I have great admiration for people who make things. I have even more admiration for people who make beautiful things. Today I would like to introduce you to my Charley Girl skirt. She's made entirely out of recycled materials. She's funky, cute, and makes me smile.
Charley Girl is a company started by Kristen and Tom, a married couple from Bucks County, PA.  Together they make skirts. Kristen designs the skirts and Tom sews the pieces together. This past week I had the pleasure of meeting these artists in their beautiful historic home where Charley Girl products are designed and assembled. Tom and Kristen welcomed me in and showed me their in-home studio where the magic happens. The walls were stacked with bolts of fabric, two friendly dogs snoozed on the floor, and the air buzzed with cozy creativity.
In the studio, Charley Girl skirts are created from an ever changing pallet of fabric. Their materials are saved from upholsterers, interior design companies, and fabric warehouses throwing out textile samples and excess materials. Kristen and Tom take fabric scraps that would have ended up in a landfill and turn them into something beautiful. Each skirt is completely unique; its own piece of art.
Charley Girl skirts come in 3 different lengths but because they are wrap skirts, one size really does fit all. I picked out a medium length skirt and am absolutely loving it. You can tell that it is durable and well made. I know that I'll be wearing it for years and years. 

What I love most about this brand is how personal and it is. Charley Girl is created by a family whose goal is to make other people happy. Together Kristen and Tom have created a work-at-home job for themselves that allows for creativity and family time. They create wearable art from recycled materials and sell their products all over country. Charley Girl is a success story that proves fashion doesn't need to be mass produced and wasteful. Instead it can cut down on waste, be personal, be special. In founding Charley Girl, Kristen and Tom bring us an inspiring story of entrepreneurship, innovation, and artistic flair.

To learn more about Charley Girl, check out their website here.
To do some skirt shopping, check out the Charley Girl etsy shop.

Outfit Details
Hat: Craft sale purchase
Jacket: Thrifted
Shirt: Old
Bandanna: Ben's
Skirt: Charley Girl
Tights: Old
Boots: Wolverine 1,000 Mile

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