Monday, November 21, 2016

Book of Deer Skirt

In the course of running this blog, my mission has changed. What started as "Staying stylish on a budget" evolved into "Sustainable and unconventional fashion." I used to think that I couldn't afford high quality clothing for myself. I would browse designers who I admired and sigh "Maybe someday." But after a series of budgeting tweeks, and a mission to stop buying clothing, I found I was able to set cash aside for special pieces that I really wanted. This skirt from Book of Deer is one of those pieces. It came out this past spring and I loved it. I would look at it in the online store and daydream about wearing it. I admired the little good luck motifs printed on it, the buttons up the front, and the shape of the skirt but I didn't dare dream of actually buying it. As summer rolled around, I started keeping track of my expenses, cutting where possible, and putting money aside specifically for nice clothing. Clothing may seem like a frivolous thing to budget for, but what is life without a little frivolity? When I was younger, my excess money went towards movies, concerts, and trips to foreign shores. But these days, I don't need that noise. I'm happy in quieter ways. A pretty skirt and a night at home sounds lovely, thanks. 
One great way to save money while shopping from your favorite designer is to look through past season's collections. I bought this skirt for thirty percent off of the original price by waiting until the fall to buy it. The risk is that there is a chance your piece may sell out before you get to buy it.  

Outfit Details
Shirt: Hand-me-down
Belt: Thrifted
Skirt: Book of Deer
Socks: Old
Shoes: Old

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  1. Great buy, Joy! The skirt looks great and really suits you. I think it could work in all seasons, depending on what you wear it with. It really looks wonderful with that shade of yellow cardi, perfect for autumn. Nx