Sunday, October 30, 2016

Soul Caliber II Costumes by Gael and Kier

I can't play video games to save my life. At every attempt, I find myself squinting at the moving shapes on the screen while running my character into walls. My hands and eyes just don't follow what is going on. But despite my desperate lack of skill on the subject, I can still appreciate the fun I see other people having when they play.
Meet Gael and Kier, a young married couple who dressed up as characters from the video game Soul Caliber II. Even though I didn't know anything about the game beforehand, I had a complete blast learning about it. Kier is dressed as the character Mitsurugi, a Japanese swordsman and Gael is Xianghua, a skilled Chinese warrior. Both of these costumes were homemade and fantastically detailed. Isn't it inspirational seeing how people can transform old tee-shirts and cardboard boxes? But what I loved most about this shoot was the hilarious playfulness that came out between Gael and Kier as they battled each other. 


  1. absolutely awesome! And they didn't come out and kick you off the grounds of Glencairn in those crazy costumes? I just don't have the energy to come up with any thing like that!