Friday, October 7, 2016

Maple Holistics Review

Today I'm here to review Maple Holistics, a beauty product company I recently found out about and can really get behind. Maple Holistics makes skin and hair care products in the United States from natural and cruelty free ingredients. I recently tried out their Silk 18 conditioner. The product left my hair feeling smooth, fluffy, and smelling sweetly of nutty vanilla. I liked it so much I featured it in a photo shoot!
That's really all I have to share today. This was my first real stab at product photography and I had a lot of fun with it. Taking photos on my own, I feel like I'm able to get into the creative flow and experiment with different things in a way that I can't when there are other people around. That's one of the reasons I prefer taking photos in the woods. It's private and peaceful. 
Oh Oh! I almost forgot! Maple Holistics is offering free samples if you leave an honest review of their company online (great opportunity for my fellow bloggers)!
You can learn more here: Maple Holistics Free Samples.

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