Monday, October 17, 2016

What is a Mori Girl?

I recently learned about Mori Girl, a Japanese subculture that I think I could belong to. A mori girl (or forest girl in English) has a continual love affair with nature, she walks with her head in the clouds, and makes time for daydreams. Mori girl style uses lots of layering and lace. It is poetic, earthy, and feminine; perfect for long walks in the woods with a fairy tale in hand. These are girls who love the forest, browsing bookshops, and taking time to slow down and breathe in the seasons.

Ten Mori Girl Traits
  1. Wears loose fitting, earthy toned clothing.
  2. Enjoys reading literature and poetry.
  3. Appears laid back in personality.
  4. Makes things herself (knitted scarves, muffins, post cards).
  5. Enjoys spending time in nature.
  6. Is often introverted.
  7. Looks like she stepped out of a Scandinavian fairy tale. 
  8. Walks with a camera or journal in hand. 
  9. Goes shopping in vintage stores.
  10. Enjoys the little details of life. 

From what I can gather, mori girl fashion has been around since 2006 but it still is not hugely popular so there is some discrepancy over the details of what exactly makes a mori girl a mori girl. I gathered all my information from a series of different internet guides and informal websites (like this blog)! If you are interested in seeing more examples of mori girl fashion, I recommend these tumblr feeds:

Don't you love these cute little heart shaped seed pods?
 I have always found the notion of subcultures fascinating. Be it beatniks, swing kids, gutter punks, or the blossoming of mori girls, I guess I like the idea of standing out with your own style while being part of a community. Having your own tribe that you can identify with through music, clothes, and lifestyle that's a little different from what everyone else is doing. While the hipster has had its heyday, I'm interested to see what the next wave of people who break the rules will be called and what trends they will put in vogue.

Outfit Details
Dress: Old
Socks: Old
Cardigan: Thrifted
Boots: Wolverine


  1. I love nature! These pictures are really cute and looks like you are loving being outdoors!

  2. Thank you for linking up on Fancy Friday linkup!

  3. Thank you for linking up on Fancy Friday linkup!