Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wedding Style: Cody and Charity

My friends Cody and Charity got married at the beginning of September. I had the fun of being a bridesmaid and capturing moments of their wedding day. It was an excellent growing experience for me as a photographer. Ordinarily my photo shoots have no pressure because I'm just shooting for my own blog and I can give myself time for mistakes and exploration. But because this was a wedding, time was limited and each photograph had to be a lot more strategic. Fortunately, I was working underneath the incredibly talented Anni Glover who took care of the bulk of the day's photographs so I had space to learn from her and freedom to do my own thing. 
About the couple:
Cody and Charity are two good friends of mine who went through a wringer of red tape and paperwork to make it to their wedding day. Charity is British Canadian and Cody is from the United States so distance and government regulations made it incredibly difficult for them to start a home together. After years of skyping and phone calls and only seeing each other a few weeks out of the year, they are finally on the way to being together. I say on the way, because Charity had to return to Canada after her wedding for one final interview and to tie up some loose ends before she can officially come home to the United States. With all the time and stress and distance, I am continually amazed at how committed this couple is to making it work. Together Cody and Charity are an example of communication, patience, and perseverance. Their wedding was an honor to witness. I hope you enjoy the photos.


  1. Beautiful couple, beautiful photography! Congratulations to all!

  2. These are the most amazing pictures of the most amazing couple. I love you two so deeply and wish the best for you in your life.