Thursday, September 8, 2016

Twin Style: Hydie and Steff

Meet Hydie and Steffica, twin sisters from England. I had the pleasure of spending time with these ladies while they were in town for their older sister (and my good friend) Charity's wedding. What struck me most about these sisters is how easy they are to be around. They are both stylish and beautiful and have a very cool kid vibe. But unlike the stereotypical cool kid, Hydie and Steff are completely inclusive and easy to talk to. Hydie (on the left) says she is attracted to casual rocker style clothing and whereas Steff goes for a lighter 90's vibe. Today the two girls just happened to be wearing almost the same outfit when I showed up without any pre-planning because being sisters, they share clothes a lot.

Hydie Outfit Details
Shirt: Steff's
Shorts: Primark

Steff Outfit Details
Shirt: H&M
Shorts: A shop in Brazil
Necklace: Hydie's
Earrings: Broadway Market, London

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  1. What an adorable post! And these photos are just gorgeous!

    Thanks for linking up On the Edge of the Week. I hope to see you again this week!