Monday, September 26, 2016

Style Portrait: Ben

Hello everyone, I would like to officially introduce you to my husband Ben. As you may have noticed, I hardly ever feature men on my blog. This is not because I don't enjoy men's clothing, but because I don't know anything about taking pictures of males. Over the past year of photographing women's clothing I have developed a very light, airy, feminine photography style that I don't know how to break out of. So in attempt to branch out, here is my second ever photo shoot of a man (the first being Brandon).
Special thanks to Ben who kindly volunteered to let me take photos of him.

Taking these pictures was very interesting because when we first met, Ben was just some guy who I saw around my college campus. I liked the way he looked and I know that his clothing style played into that. But now, after being married for three years, I've gotten to see so many layers to this person that I've almost become blind to what he's wearing. Stepping back and appreciating the clothing that Ben wears reminded me of the initial attraction I had towards him before we knew each other. Ben definitely has his own style but I often don't see it because we're so comfortable around each other. Because when I see Ben, I see a to-do list of things that we need to get done, things I want to say to him, I see unspoken things. His wardrobe is inconsequential. Photographing this post was fun because I got to take a step back and look at his person with new eyes. I was reminded that I like his hand-me-down paint splattered jeans and his denim jacket that's slowly become a scrapbook of patches and pins. I like that Ben wears what he wants without thinking about it. I like his style and think you will too.
This belt is my favorite part of Ben's outfit. It's crafted from an old bike tire that I picked out of the trash. Ben turned into a belt using a box cutting knife and a buckle that we had. 
Reflections: It was difficult for me to take photos of Ben for this post. I didn't know how to give directions or we definitely didn't know how to act professional around each other. Over half of the pictures in the batch were of him making stupid faces at me behind the camera: 

I also wasn't sure what I was looking for in these pictures. Part of that was trying to make my feminine photography style (which works great for female portraits, couples, and children) look more masculine (black and white saves the day). But at the end of the day, I guess that's just life. Sometimes you aren't sure what you want or how to get it and that can be frustrating. We'll just have to keep on trying out new things and learn to make it work. 

Ben's Outfit Details
Shoes: H&M
Maroon Jeans: Hand-me-down
Shirt: Thrifted
Jacket: Vintage

Joy's Outfit Details
Shoes: Thrifted
Jeans: Old
Flannel: Ben's

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  1. You did a great job, Joy! The photos look natural and fun. I particularly like the story of the belt, and the last picture is a gem. Nancy x