Monday, September 12, 2016

Style Icon: Vintage Roller Girls

The closest I have ever come to playing roller derby is elementary school floor hockey. I don't remember being particularly good at it but I do remember having fun. In my adult life, I enjoy strapping wheels to my feet and skating (in the morning when no one is around to see me wobble) around the park near my house. For me, skating as a relaxed and fun way to exercise. I'm not  at all competitive or aggressive, but there is something that appeals to me about the aggressive courage of roller derby girls. Looking through these photos I see strong women who are proud to be women. Ladylike and independent. I like their padded knees and stripes mixed with well done hairdos. I like the mix of feminine and feisty. They pack a lot of spunk and energy into their sport in best girl-power kind of way. So here is a small collection of photos I collected from around the internet of vintage roller derby girls. Enjoy!

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