Friday, September 16, 2016

Some Things Don't Change

Isn't it funny how we get older but there is always an essence of ourselves that stays constant? I have had these overalls since I was about fifteen years old and now I am twenty-six. I can clearly remember and understand the little fragments and moments and emotions that made up my fifteen year old self which share no relevance to my life today. We can change but we are still ourselves. I currently work in a preschool where I see children just starting to grow into their own personalities and I try to imagine who they will be when they are nine years old and again when they are nineteen or twenty-nine. What elements from these formative years will they take with them? Will they remember crying about being put in time out? Will they remember the joy I get see them share over playing pretend? How much of you is you and how much of you is the things that happen to you?

One thing that has stayed constant in my life is my love for bicycling. As a kid I would peddle up and down the road all afternoon for the sheer joy of it. Today I don't have quite as much time for peddling aimlessly but I have a four mile trail route that I try to ride everyday. For me, biking isn't just exercise, it is a mini-vacation. On my bike, my mind is clear. I am free to enjoy the foliage and fresh air and stop thinking about life's annoyances and to-dos. For these reasons, I absolutely adore this cute bicycle print shirt that was passed down to me from my friend Maddie. It is soft and breathable and reminds me of one of my lifelong delights. 

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