Saturday, August 6, 2016

Wall Art in San Jose

Ben and I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica and have spent the past few days exploring. In between noisy traffic and concrete infrastructure, this city hides a sprawling art gallery. It seems that no matter where you look, there is a colorful mural nearby. Some pictures are beautiful, others are thought provoking, but mostly these paintings seem to serve the sole purpose of adding color to an otherwise drab city. My favorites are the completely cartoonish and bizarre murals. These paintings look like they were created just because the artists had fun making them. The pictures liven up the city and bring a sense of playfulness out of the imagination and onto the sidewalk. 

Aside from looking at public wall art, we have been feasting on local delights, playing music, and enjoying the change of pace. It's funny how staying in a foreign country makes completing entirely mundane tasks (like buying shampoo or finding an ATM) feel like incredible accomplishments. When traveling, a person has to find his or her feet and work through language barriers to connect to the place he or she is in. The whole experience leaves me feeling more independent and self aware than when I first arrived. 
Catch ya later!

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