Monday, August 8, 2016

Costa Rica Day Trip Collage

I have done quite a bit of traveling on my own but I usually just save up enough money for a plane ticket to get me to the place I want to go and volunteer on a farm or do a work away program while I'm there so I don't have living expenses abroad. But this trip is different. My sister is getting married and my whole family is traveling together. We are paying to stay in hotels instead of bunking in with strangers. We are eating out. We are being tourists. And while a younger version of myself may have scoffed at this idea, I find myself having a wonderful time. This past Sunday my mom treated the family to a day trip on a tour bus to see some local attractions. We visited the Poas Volcano (which was sadly clouded over so I failed to get a good photo), a local coffee plantation, a traditional ox-cart workshop, and other nearby places of interest. Here are some photos I snapped during our trip and at the bottom of the post is a brief description of each.

Top to bottom:
Tourbus license plate
Traditional Costa Rican ox-cart wheel
Colorful tree bark
Coffee beans growing
Coffee processing equipment
Coffee in bags ready to ship
Beautiful Costa Rican scenery
Hydrangea blossums
Grecia's metal church
My Sisters looking up at the metal church

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