Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Adventures in Chacos

 Hello, meet Ben and my Chaco sandals that we have been wearing all week. They strap on securely and give incredible arch support. Chacos are my go-to shoe for hiking, biking, and trekking through streams (all things I like to do). For our week in Costa Rica, Ben and I have both been wearing Chacos non-stop because we are spending so much time adventuring outside. I absolutely love these shoes and could wear them all summer long.
To go along with their environmentally minded clientele, Chacos are made to be repaired instead of replaced. I have owned this pair for over a year now and they show not signs of damage aside from the mud I have dragged them through. But if they do get damaged, I can send them back to the Michigan based factory to have them fixed. These are definitely investment shoes if you love spending time outside.

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