Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Light Blue Wedding Dress

This is my beautiful older sister Kathleen in her wedding dress. She got married about two weeks ago on Costa Rica's Caribbean shoreline. The sunlight was golden, the ocean matched her dress, and I intentionally didn't bring my camera. I wanted to fully be present at the wedding ceremony instead of adjusting my aperture and thinking about what direction the light was coming from. But looking back, I wished I had made some time to photograph this dress where it was meant to be worn. Kathleen is a long distance ocean swimmer and I am convinced she is part mermaid. I wish I could have conveyed her connection to water in her wedding dress at the beach but instead we had to opt for a photo session in the woods around my parents house where the dappled sunlight through the leaves made Kathleen look more like a woodland fairy than a mermaid.
Her dress was made by the Italian seamstress Maria Lucia Squillari of Larimeloom who creates beautiful and unconventional wedding pieces. Kathleen says she chose blue for her wedding outfit because she doesn't normally wear white and she wanted to feel like herself on her wedding day. I am so glad she did. The light blue silk and flowing fabric looked so effortless on Kathleen, I knew I had to photograph it before we parted ways for the summer.

The lace-up back is my favorite detail. It gives the entire piece a more custom and delicate feel. 
Special thanks to and congratulations to my sister Kathleen!
To see more from her dress designer, you can visit Larimeloom's Etsy Shop.


  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos, it's so wonderful to see my dress on it's wearer, and I love the setting! congrats to both of you :D

  2. Gorgeous dress, gorgeous bride, gorgeous photos!