Thursday, July 21, 2016

Style Portrait: Angela

Angela is a beautiful person. Surrounded by Queen Anne's Lace wrapped in the setting sun, I couldn't help but feel in awe of the world around me as she pointed out the many wonders hidden in the tall grass and flowers. Angela is a well of appreciation for life, noticing the details of blossoms, the shades of the sky, and tiny wings flitting through the golden light. In these photos, her outfit is mostly secondhand. The blouse and high-waisted shorts combination seems to embody that easy breezy summertime feeling that we can inhale for a moment on a carefree day and dream about the rest of the year. 

Hailing from Australia, Angela made the huge leap to get married to an American and live in the United States. She is brave, thoughtful, and sincere. When I spend time with her, I feel more at peace with my place in the world because that is just the affect she has on other people. 

This necklace in from Eastern Soul, an independent jewelry seller who shares pieces with stories. Above we can see sacred geometry creating the flower of life. It is a symbol of fullness and love. 

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