Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I wish I was a dancer

 Lately I have found myself inspired by Jordan Matter of Dancers Among Us, a stunning photographer who captures dancers (often airborne) in every day street scenes. I didn't dance growing up (unless you count re-enacted musicals for the living room couch when no one was home) but I took a few college dance classes where it was easy to find myself envious of the grace that lifelong dancers carry. So this post is my ode to dancers; people who devote their lives to practice and hone their craft through sweat and bruises. When they are on stage they are untouchable, almost like another being. Their bodies are the paintbrushes and the stage is the canvas on which to tell a story. I am not a dancer, but sometimes I wish I was.
I think what was most fun in creating this shoot (aside from pretending to be a dancer) was working in front of a window. The soft and glowing light you can capture through windows has a dreamlike and evanescent quality. I played around with window light before in my Embracing Femininity post and hope to get more ideas for window-lit shoots in the future. 

Outfit Details
Dress: Secondhand
Belt: Thrifted

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  1. such a cute outfit! I wish I was a dancer too lol

  2. These photos are masterfully done. I love the way you captured the light. You look beautiful!

    - Anna

  3. What lovely photos! The lacy skirt and the gauzy curtains go well together.