Monday, July 25, 2016

Fairy Dress

Every time I take photos, I learn a little more about photography. Today I learned that a high ISO leads to grainier pictures. This is something I know I have read and been told before, but sometimes you need to make your own mistakes for the message to sink in. Regardless, I apologize for lower quality photos today. I tried to pick the best of the batch. 

Now onto the dress I'm wearing. When I was 19 years old I volunteered on an organic farm in Cornwall. Close to where I was working, a fairy festival was taking place in honor of the summer solstice. Naturally, I went. The weekend was full of live music, families dressed in fairy costumes, bonfires, and opting to sleep in the back of a van instead of paying extra to rent a mushroom shaped yurt. It was at the fairy festival that I fell in love with this blue dress. I visited it throughout the weekend hanging on the rack before I finally stuffed away my frugal sensibilities and bought it. The dress is fair trade, handmade, and had lasted me seven summers now. 
I teach a creative photography class to home school students and one activity I love to lead is pretend you are a fairy. It is a time to look at the world through different eyes, and take photos from the perspective of a teeny tiny creature. Today, in the woods wearing my fairy festival dress, I followed the same exercise to explore the miniature worlds hidden on the forest floor. 

Outfit Details
Dress: Devi Clothing
Boots: Old

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