Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dessert Accessory Giveaway

CLOSED. The winner is Jen!
Today I am excited to partner with Mei of Ice Pandora to host a GIVEAWAY of one of her incredible handmade desserts. Only, these desserts are twice as fun because they last you a lifetime. Mei creates cupcakes, pies, cinnamon buns, croissants, and other delectable delights out of yarn. The result is completely ADORABLE. This giveaway is open from Tuesday July 26th to Tuesday August 2nd when the winner will be announced.

Here is how it works:
Look through Ice Pandora's Shop and comment below on what your favorite item is. Extra entries will be rewarded for following Outfit Zest and Ice Pandora on Instagram and liking Outfit Zest's and Ice Pandora's facebook pages.

Below I am modeling my own Ice Pandora blueberry cheesecake fashioned to a bobby pin but you could wear your dessert as a brooch, a keychain, on a headband, or just enjoy the added cuteness to your life.

Comment below and you will be entered!
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  1. What neat stuff! I just looked through the site and my favorite item is ....the fresh strawberry cheesecake! So adorable!

  2. The mint chocolate cupcake is so cute!

  3. Super sweet giveaway! I like the blueberry cheesecake! I've also liked Ice Pandora and Outfit Zest on Facebook. :)

  4. She has so many cute creations! I admire her craftsmanship and unique style. My favorite would have to be the strawberry cream cupcake! :D

  5. Very neat! I know someone that this would be a great gift for :-)

  6. All very cute! I like the chocolate mint chip cupcake!

  7. The pain aux raisins is probably my favorite, oui :3

  8. I perused through Ice Pandora... was digging the danish and cinnamon roll, but I have to say the dainty pumpkin pie won me over. It's super cute; I'd probably use it as a tree ornament.