Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Style Portrait: Dara

One of my favorite aspects of running a blog is the extra time I get to spend with people when I do style portrait sessions. Meet Dara, my friend and fellow history major from college. Getting to know Dara, she seems like she walked out of a storybook and into the modern world. Hailing from a cozy stone farmhouse in the country surrounded by mossy forests and elaborate treehouses, Dara carries an air of creativity and imaginative adventure wherever she goes. At her current job in Colonial Williamsburg, Dara weaves together these talents and brings history to life for Williamsburg visitors. I couldn't think of a more fitting position for someone. 

In elements of style, Dara says she is attracted to 1930s-50s era clothing. Think sweet and classical styles that will always look put together and flattering. She is feminine but has no qualms about climbing trees or scaling walls; the perfect combination of fun and ladylike. 

Outfit Details
Shoes: Amazon
Dress: Old
Cardigan: Target


  1. Man! What could be better? A blog post by my dearest Joy about my dearest Dara?!!

  2. Charming! You nicely captured the Elf-child-grown-into-a-lovely-and-talented-woman sparkle of Dara with your beautiful photos.