Friday, May 13, 2016

Outfit: Open Field and Sunset

There is so much I wish a photograph could capture. The cacophony of bird's singing. The warm breeze brushing through sweet smelling grass. The peaches and cream sunset glowing across the sky as the moon rose and dusk hushed across the field. Over the past few months, I have made the switch to shooting all my photos manually. Every day I learn a little more about aperture and ISO and shutter speed to create the pictures that I want but looking at a picture can still only take you so far. You can't see that vastness of the sky and the tiny worlds hidden in tall grass. The earth is so infinite and picture is so small. 

I want to keep improving my photography to share the beauty of this big bright world we all live in. This blog is about clothing, but it's also about gratitude, confidence, and loving life. To me, clothing is just an expression of those things.

Outfit Details
Boots: Steve Madden (secondhand)
Shorts: Old
Tee: Thrifted
Jacket: Vintage
Headband: Rummage sale find

1 comment:

  1. I really love that third photo. Glad to see another PA lady blogging! :)

    Chrissy of crashbeauty