Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Inside Her Closet: Candice

Candice is a talented but down-to-earth musician. She writes captivating songs that draw you in and pull at your heart strings. As you look at this post, take a moment listen to her powerful female folk music on ReverbNation. When she isn't writing music and breathing in the outdoors, Candice is an everywhere, everything woman. On top of practicing and performing in about three different bands, she balances several jobs including working at a preschool, an optometrist office, and consulting for Arbonne skin products. As far as style goes, today Candice brings us the classy meets casual combo of denim and lace, fit for a fairy tale but comfortable enough to go about ordinary business (with a couple pit stops to climb trees and make wishes on dandelions). When looking for clothes Candice says she goes for comfort and earthy tones. Her style matches her relaxed and delightful personality. 

Outfit Details
Dress: Thrifted
Jeans: Hand-me-down
Ring: Found on the beach
Boots: Old
Earrings: Old

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