Monday, April 11, 2016

Outfit: Madeline

Since I started documenting outfits I have found myself much more willing to experiment with what I wear. Today that meant heading out the door with an enormous sunhat that I found in my sister's room. The hat was perfect for the bright overhead sun and with the large blue bow tied in the back, it made me feel a little like that brave French school girl, Madeline.

This outfit features some cool glasswork from my grandfather who used to work as a glass artist. The vase I am holding and the necklace I am wearing were made by him. My grandfather told me that each bead in a necklace takes twenty minutes to make. If you look at how many beads there are and think of the number of people who he has made some version of this necklace for (at least twelve for all the ladies in my family but maybe more than that) you will quickly realize it must have been a labor of love. I feel honored to wear his work.

Outfit Details
Hat: Found it in my sister's room
Cardigan: Hand-me-down
Skirt: H&M (purchased secondhand)
Tights: Ballet Supply Co.
Shoes: Ordered from Amazon
Necklace and Vase: Made by my grandfather

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