Thursday, April 7, 2016

Couple Style: Derek and Kelly

While most of (actually pretty much all of) my blog posts so far have focused primarily on women's clothing, I recently had the fun of branching out and taking pictures of this adorable couple.
Derek and Kelly are artistic and talented in the performing arts: Kelly is a dancer and Derek is a musician. Their artistic nature definitely shows through in their sense of style. Both Derek and Kelly share a look that is put-together but relaxed at the same time. Effortless, innovative, and sophisticated are three words I would use to describe their style. Together they are fun, playful, and easy to be around. I especially enjoyed Derek's floral on floral tie and shirt combo that he wore in these photos.

Kelly Outfit Details
Pants: Gap
Jacket: Loft
Shirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Crown Vintage
Scarf: Hand-dyed by Derek's Mom

Derek Outfit Details
Jeans: American Eagle
Shirt: Gap
Tie: Gap
Shoes: Vans

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