Friday, April 29, 2016

Christina Coats Look Book

Ceramic artist, Christina Orthwein hand paints these beautiful coats with original designs. Christina is a person brimming with creativity and activity. She is constantly creating beautiful things and sharing them with other people. I have wanted to do a post on her coats for several months and actually took a few photos back in the winter, but these coats are so creative, I didn't think I did them justice that first time around. Each piece is so unique that I could have done a single post on each one but here they are put together in a brief overview for your viewing pleasure.

Time Jacket

Jabberwocky Coat
This coat has an excerpt from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky poem painted onto it. Brilliant right?

Koi Coat
The koi coat was the first dream child of Christina's. She originally had a vision of koi swimming on a skirt and looked into embroidery techniques and machines to create it. After deciding that embroidery wasn't for her, Christina tried out a set of fabric paints on this coat. The result is gorgeous.

Beetle Blazer
The beetles on this coat have a metallic shine and come in a beautiful array of colors. It is so cute the way they are lined up the back while others are crawling up the sleeve.

 Vine Coat
 This vine coat is incredibly beautiful. It is a cream colored wool coat with a splash of vines and flowers that follow that natural curve of the fabric. 

 Hummingbird Jacket
I chose to model the hummingbird jacket because it's my favorite (although, it's so hard to choose because they're all so special)! With vibrant fabric and delicate fluttering birds, this coat is beautiful and fun. I'm in love with all the little details.

Poppy Coat

Special thanks to Marissa, Christina, Ivy, Holly, Candice, and Rachel for modeling!

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