Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hallo Gallo Tights

 I have a weakness for funky tights. I just love them. My older sister Kathleen who lives in Berlin (the European land of funky style) mailed me this pair of tights by Hallo Gallo and I couldn't have been more excited to discover them in my mailbox. Kathleen has a knack of knowing what people want before they want them and chooses the most thoughtful and fun presents. After doing a bit of research I found that Hallo Gallo is a unique company because it is run by a German girl who screen prints original geometric designs using ecological ink onto tights. Pretty cool, right?

So what better way to break in a awesome new pair of tights then pulling the roller skates from the bottom of the closet and going for a spin? Although I tend to feel pretty clumsy in my skates I can't help but enjoy skirting around my neighborhood and feeling the rhythm of wheels on pavement. It's all good fun, even if I wobble a bit.

Tights: HalloGalloShop
Roller Skates: Thrifted (similar listed here from UnaLunaVintage)

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