Sunday, March 6, 2016

Children's Literature in Fashion

I think that every person holds an affection for children's books. They are the stories we grew up on, that taught us morality, imagination, and truth. For many of us, the characters from books were our friends when we were lonely or sad or just needed some quiet time. There are some books we can pick up be transported right back to childhood, they are comforting that way. We've grown up, our lives have changed, but the stories remain the same. Here are some treasures I have discovered that fuse the enchanted world of children's literature with fashion. They are wearable reminders to keep a sense of wonder and imagination, to stay educated, and most importantly to remember that we are never alone. 

“Wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the forest, a little boy and his Bear will always be playing.”-A.A. Milne

Book Scarves
Peter Pan scarf by Storiarts
Alice in Wonderland Scarf by Storiarts
Based out of Portland, Oregon and produced in the United Sates Storiarts brings us literary apparel with the creation of the Book Scarf, a circular scarf printed with a storybook chapter. Peter Pan was my personal favorite from the collection but there are lots of books to choose from and varying styles on scarfs as well as gloves, pillows, and other products. The Alice in Wonderland light-weight scarf was another favorite of mine. I just thought that the bow gave it a particularly lovely touch. To see more from Storiarts, click here.

Book Tights
Little Prince tights by TightsShop
Mary Poppins Tights by TightShop
Where the Wild Things Are Tights by TightsShop
TightsShop plays host to all matter of marvelous printed tights. Butterflies, dragonflies, mermaids, hot air balloons, and poetry dance across the legs of the wearer. They specialize in unique prints, children's stories, and tattoo style pantyhose using beautiful images. For the full shop listing click here.

Book Jewelry
Book Necklaces by JewelryByCompliment
These aren't specifically children's themed but I figured that any literature lover would enjoy these adorable book necklaces. JewelryByCompliment is run by a Bulgarian artist who handcrafts each piece to create beautiful jewelry for a reasonable price. 
Harry Potter bookshelf necklace by Coryographies
Specializing in miniatures, Coryographies creates an assortment of tiny bookshelf necklaces of various themes in addition to earrings and other specialties. Based out of Oxford, Cory (the artist and owner of the company) fills a niche market for extraordinary adorability with her detailed work. 
Book Ring Lockets by MeiMeiJewel
Mei Mei Jewel is a shop that carries a collection of quirky jewelry and accessories including these cute book lockets (sold in both necklace and ring form). Displayed is Puss in Boots but you can also order Sleeping Beauty, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, Little Red Riding Hood, among others. To see more book jewelry as well as other creations, visit her online store.

Book Purses
Wizard of Oz Purse by NovelCreations
Wind in the Willow's Purse by NovelCreations
Novel Creations repurposes old books and turns them into clutches and handbags. Scrolling through the shop's "book shelves" you will find all matter of classics and contemporary pieces, giving a new chapter to the life of the book and a new look on purses. Most books are made from recycled hardcopies, but the artist also takes custom orders. To see the full listing, click here.

I hope you enjoyed my list. I'm planning on making similar articles featuring hand crafted fashion around a particular theme. It is inspiring to see all the creativity out there.


  1. Ooh I like this post! I mean, I ALWAYS like your posts, but this one is really new stuff to me! I didn't know any of it existed.

  2. Beautiful post! Thank you for including my book necklaces!

  3. All these beautiful products are so much fun for the book lover in your life (or yourself!!). These are some great finds! Thank you for sharing this and including my book purses too! I really appreciate it !!