Tuesday, March 29, 2016

6 Easy Ways to Restyle a Bridesmaid Dress

Being a bridesmaid is fun, but what do you do with the expensive dress you bought once the wedding is over? Most of the time, bridesmaid dresses end up stuffed into the back of the closet where they prepare themselves for the inevitable spring clean out and trip to the thrift store. It is a frustrating cycle because those frocks can be pricey and you usually can't return them. Here are a few easy tips for restyling your bridesmaid dress to wear after the wedding. 

Style Tip 1: Belt it. 

Style Tip 2: Wear a sheer overlay on top.

Style Tip 3: Tie a scarf around the waistline.

Style Tip 4: Wear it with a neck or shoulder scarf.

Style Tip 5: Wear it as a skirt. Just throw a shirt on.

Style Tip 6: Cardigan.

Now the real magic comes when you combine these tips. Mix and match to your hearts content!
Good luck and happy styling!
Love, Joy.

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