Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Style-spiration: Teacher Clothes

Life changes are ahead as I am picking up another long-term substitute teacher job at the local elementary school. I will be teaching math to several different grades and I am terrified. Math was never my forte in school so I have been frantically trying to brush up on math facts and relearn what I have buried in my brain from grade school. With my new job, I might not have as much time for blog updates but I am excited for the new work challenge in addition to the fun of assembling teacher outfits. I want to go for a bright but businesslike look and am finding myself attracted to cheery colors, stripes, and polka dots. To keep it professional I'm thinking that cardigans and button-ups will be a necessity. Employment sometimes requires major changes in wardrobe. At my old job working as a barista, I couldn't dress up for work unless I wanted my clothing stained with coffee at the end of the day. Our uniform consisted of jeans and the company tee. My summer job working on a gardening crew was all about comfort and practicality over anything else: work boots and athletic wear. I try to keep my own true style wherever I end up in life but sometimes that means dirty boots and other times ballet flats. 


  1. these are the definition of cute!
    My work is black, which could be worse but I'm definitely a colour person.

    Are you on Bloglovin? Tried searching for you on there so I could follow you but couldn't find the page.
    Good luck on the new job!


    1. Hannah, thanks for wishing me luck on my new job and for telling me about Bloglovin-I'd heard of the website before but never bothered to go on it. Haha, some blogger I am. Anyway, my blog is now listed so you'll probably be the first to follow it.