Friday, February 19, 2016

Pre-Spring Peter Pilotto 2016

I started this blog because I like photographing outfits and not because I am any kind of fashion expert. The fun part is that through running this blog I am continually learning about the history of clothing items, trends, and current designers. Peter Pilotto is a luxury women's label that I had never heard of until I decided to do some reading up on recent fashion collections. Although Peter Pilotto holds the name to the brand, the work is actually done by two designers, Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos. Pilotto comes up with the unique patterns while De Vos shapes them to the female form. Their collections caught my eye because of how wearable their clothing looks. A lot of the time high fashion just isn't relatable to me. I can appreciate pieces as wearable artwork but I can not imagine actually wearing them. Pilotto and De Vos' work seems to shape out-there concepts into more down to earth pieces and I appreciate that. According to Peter Pilotto first showed at fashion week London in 2008 and the two designers have since won a series of awards for their work.
This pre-spring collection boasts a soft, Aegean feel that I find both graceful and kind of funky. I like the squiggly lines and circles, I like the separates, I like the bright colors, and I wanted to share them. Enjoy!

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