Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Outfit: Roses and Cream

This is a momentous occasion as it is my first blog post wearing heels. I am a petite lady who stands at 4'11" but I have never been comfortable in heels. I am short and I like being short. Raise me a few inches and I am out of my comfort zone. Heels are an adventure for me. I practiced walking around the house before heading out in these just to gain a little confidence. Heels make me feel very lady-like even when my inner tomboy is cringing at the idea of them. I picked up this pair months ago at the local thrift shop because I thought they were cute but they have since been gathering dust in the bottom of my closet because I rarely feel confident enough to wear them. One of the problems is that they are slightly too big for me so I have to stuff cotton into the toe-end for them to fit securely. Another problem with heels is how loud they are. Heels clop. In the past heels have made me feel slow and noisy and self-conscious. But, part of this blog is to try new things so here I am with heels on, feeling cute, and branching out my style. 

Outfit Details
Shirt: Hand-me-down
Dress: Mossimo (Target clearance)
Tights: Ballerina Supply Co.
Shoes: Lands End (thrifted)
Headband: I made it

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