Thursday, February 11, 2016

Outfit: Paper Hearts

This is my favorite Valentine's Day themed outfit so far. I feel all set for cutting more paper heart garlands and snowflakes with a mug of hot chocolate nearby. You can't tell in the pictures, but the shirt I'm wearing is old and a little stained so I found that putting it underneath a dress was a great way of hiding its frumpiness. I added the embroidered hearts onto the collar myself and love the cutesy home-made look they give to an otherwise flavorless piece. My belt is another illusion: it's actually just a piece of red electrical tape wrapped around my waist. This is my second time pulling off this trick. If you follow my blog you've seen it before here. It's probably time that I just went out and bought myself a red waist-belt but when in a pinch tape works great for accentuating an a-line look. The people who saw me in person didn't even notice. Takeaway: don't be afraid to mix up your craft box and wardrobe. You could end up with something special. Happy hearts week. I wish you cookies, snow, and hugs.

Paper heart garland instructions here.

Outfit Details
Shirt: Old (I embroidered the hearts on myself)
Dress: Secondhand
Tights: Target clearance sale
Shoes: Alpine Swiss
Headband: Ribbon


  1. What a lovely tribute to Valentine's day! I love how you've magically paired the red headband with the red belt. Very sweet & darling!


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