Friday, February 5, 2016

Outfit: Dressing for the Cold

Going outside in the cold is not fun unless you are properly bundled. That is why I love my retro ski jacket. It was made in the eighties and was going to be sold at the vintage clothing store where I used to work but the company washing machine tore a hole in the sleeve and we couldn't sell it after that. Lucky for me, it fit perfectly and I don't mind sewing. I stitched the stuffing back into the sleeve and it is now my primary winter coat. I love it because it is water resistant, has huge pockets, and is just plain practical. I feel like a cute blue marshmallow when wearing it and with a hoodie layered underneath, the cold can't reach me. Layering is very important when going outside in the winter because the more you are wearing underneath your coat, the harder it is for the wind to blow through your zipper or up your sleeves. I try to wear several thin layers underneath a thick one so I can stay comfortable outside. If my arms are cold, my whole body is freezing so I need to make sure I'm dressed for the weather. Meanwhile, I can wear skirts in the winter and feel totally fine; it's like my legs are just insensitive to the cold. So, I bundle my torso and wear what I want on my legs. Today a pair of tights and socks was enough but if I'm going to be outside for a long time, I try to layer up with multiple pairs of tights or thermals. Aside from layering, wearing a hat, gloves, and proper footwear are extremely important to staying warm. The Norwegians have a saying "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes." I try to take that as inspiration to bundle up and go outside even when it is freezing and wet out. Fortunately, today was just above freezing and slushy.

Outfit Details
Hat and gloves: H&M
Coat: 1980's Ski Jacket
Skirt: Aeropostal (I got it secondhand)
Tights: Target Clearance
Socks: Plato's Closet
Boots: Thrifted 


  1. A really cute outfit from you. I love especially the overknee socks, they make your outfit very pretty. Could you make more outfits with long socks? Your blog is fantastic!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Also, I'm all about tall socks so yes to that.