Monday, February 15, 2016

Outfit: A Day for Reading

The snow was falling softly today and it made the afternoon perfect for reading. Books never fail to inspire me. The quiet stacks open up worlds of art, history, science, and poetry. One moment you can lose yourself in travels of the monarch butterfly and the next impressionist paintings. Browsing the library fills me up with awe about how many things there are to learn about. In the internet age knowledge is cheap and you can find out about almost anything instantly but there is something special about feeling the weight of a book in your hands and smelling the pages. 

Today's outfit was really all about practicality. I have been avoiding wearing jeans all winter but with snow falling and the temperature in the single digits, I decided to ditch my tights and go for trousers. Paired with two layers of knee socks and a wooly sweater I felt ready to head outside long enough to get from the house to the car and the car to the library. It wasn't much of an adventure but the books made up for that.

Outfit Details
Red Jeans: Thrifted
Sweater: H&M (secondhand)
Shirt: Old shirt (I added the buttons onto the collar myself)
Hat: H&M

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