Monday, February 8, 2016

Outfit: Blueberry and Buttercup

Winter keeps teasing us this year. It warms up and cools down and continually feels like spring is just around the corner, only to freeze us over again. There is more snow scheduled for this week but I don't mind. Ben and I missed the biggest blizzard of the winter while we were in sunny Florida so a bit more snow doesn't bother me. Snowy days often put me in the mood for baking and reading novels so it will be the perfect excuse to practice making brownies and reread Harry Potter.

These outfit photos were taken at a nearby farm where I thought about naming the clothing combination 'Swedish Pride' because blue and yellow are the colors on the Swedish flag but I'm not at all Swedish nor was I thinking about Sweden when I got dressed this morning. Thusly, here you have 'Blueberry and Buttercup' for my blue and yellow outfit. One of my secret dream jobs is to be the person who names dresses for Modcloth (also to be the person who comes up with paint chip color names where I could say things like "It's not just white, it's silken cream"). When I was sitting bored in class during college I wrote a whole list of potential Modcloth dress names just for fun. Fast forward to the present and I really don't have time to zone out and list fun names anymore so I'm finding that blogging is a good excuse for me to stay tapped into the part of myself that loves naming things.

Outfit Details
Coat: Old Navy (Thrifted)
Cardigan: Thrifted
Scarf: Made by a friend
Dress worn as skirt: Purchased secondhand 
Tights: Old
Shoes: Thrifted


  1. This outfit is so cheerful! I love it so much! Especially the shoes and laces, and then the combination of the shoes with the yellow coat!