Thursday, February 11, 2016

15 Unconventionally Nice Things to Do for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be complicated, overly consumeristic, and just depressing. People in relationships might be under stress of expectations. Single people might be sad that they're single. Here is a list of fifteen nice things to do in light of Valentine's Day. These things don't require romantic love, don't cost a lot of money, and aren't looking to impress anyone. 

Be kind to yourself: You are capable of loving other people best when you love yourself. Think about what you like to do and make time for it. Respect yourself and fight self-criticism.

Leave a flowers on cars: You can buy one bouquet of flowers and spread them out to lots of different people this way. Tuck them underneath the windshield wiper.

Pay for the car behind you at the drive-thru: This can be a risky maneuver if you aren't sure how much the other person is spending but you can always ask the cashier first and if it's in your budget, go ahead and make someone's day. 

Leave secret notes inside library books: Say something nice or encouraging to future readers. 

Volunteer somewhere you care about: puppy shelter, museum, radio station, wherever speaks to you. Non-profits often have more work than they can handle and rely on volunteers to make what they do possible. You'll meet new people and do something valuable with your time.

Make paper valentines and mail them to random people in the phone book:
This is a fun thing to do if you like getting crafty and sending things in the mail. Letters are always fun to receive and you never know who you will reach. If you don't want to pay for postage you can just stick them in your neighborhood mailboxes. 

Arrive on time: It's a common curtesy that makes life easier for other people.

Call your mother: Just to wish her Happy Valentine's Day. 

Overtip the waitress: Waitressing is often exhausting and thankless work. Tips make a big difference. If you go out this Valentine's Day, show some love to your server by tipping them. 

Leave quarters near a vending machine.

Smile more:
Just smiling at someone makes the world a brighter place. Smiling is also healthy for facial muscles and the mind. 

Write to someone who made a difference in your life for the better:
Let them know the impact they had on you. It will make their year.

Donate what you don't want: Give books to the library, clothes to thrift shop, food to the food pantry. You can clear out and simplify your living space while giving to others.

Compliment someone.

Spend time with someone.

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