Monday, January 4, 2016

Outfit: Remixing Pieces

After a month of unusually warm weather, it finally feels like winter outside. The ground was frozen this morning and I was a little apprehensive to take off my coat for a photo shoot but after a few runs back and forth from my tripod I warmed up enough to show off my baseball tee cardigan. I made this cardigan from cutting the front off of one cardigan and sewing it onto the back and sleeves of another cardigan. You may have seen it in this previous post. Today I dressed it up with a polo shirt underneath. The polo shirt itself seemed a little boring so I quickly stitched on two big colorful buttons to the collar before walking out the door. I have a bag of misfit buttons in my craft box that comes in handy for repairs or for adding a little flair to ordinary items. If you follow my blog you may also recognize the skirt I'm wearing from this outfit back in the summer. I hope to start posting outfit remixes soon because there are so many outfit variations that can be done with a select amount of clothing. If you haven't seen it, take a look at this 40 second video I made back in October reviewing all you can do with just ten items of clothing: perfect for the traveler or any girl hoping to lighten her belongings. 

Outfit Details
Boots: Steve Madden
Leggings: Uniqlo 
Skirt (actually a dress): Plato's Closet (originally Forever 21)
Sweater: I made it myself
Polo Shirt: Old-I added the buttons
Hat: Found in the woods


  1. I love this way of reusing clothing. Like I think it's particularly good if you have articles of clothing that have worn in different places, like sometimes the sleeves of a sweater unravel but the rest is intact, other times I've had the areas around the buttons wear off. I think this is really creative artistically too, I love how you cut it to look like the aesthetic of a baseball tee. I think baseball tees with the contrasting colors are super cute and look really good on just about anyone, and I also think the colors you used are really cheerful and go well together!

    I also think you have a really pretty smile and look adorable in these pics!

    I find this blog so much more appealing than the aesthetic I see in most "fashion" pictures or advertisements in magazines and stuff. Like, from a young age I've often felt this visceral discomfort with the way fashion and style is presented in the media. When I look at your blog, it seems so wholesome and good and I think "This is what I want fashion to be embraced as."

    Like, not saying one particular aesthetic of clothing is better than others, but it's the way you present it. I think that the photography looks authentic and it depicts people the way I see people in their daily life, not in like, this weird "lofty" idealized format. I also think the smiling is really important because I don't see that in most fashion, and I don't really know why.

    I also really like how you embrace both thrifting and repair / reuse. I think fashion in mainstream society often has this really unhealthy consumerist slant to it, and like, your blog is depicting things in a way that I think can encourage wiser resource usage in society, and thus help people and help society in a lot of ways.

    I hope you can keep this blog up and I hope it can get more visibility, because I want more people reading and seeing this sort of stuff!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement Alex!