Friday, January 29, 2016

Outfit: Poodle Skirt Punk

 This is one of the more haphazard clothing combinations I have played around with. I spent the afternoon at my parents house where I threw together what was left in my closet to make an outfit. After moving out, it's always a mystery what I will find in my bedroom when I get home. Some shelves are time capsules from high school. Other surfaces have become spill-over storage for my parents. In this outfit, the skirt is a costume piece that I've had since childhood, the belt is from the pop-punk days of my early teens, the boots are steel-toed work boots from volunteering with Americorps, and the shirt is my mom's. My favorite piece is the poodle skirt; it was originally made as a children's costume so it is short on me now but I like the mini-skirt look it has. I remember wearing the poodle skirt through college, but I since forgot that I had it. Keeping things in storage like this is almost like giving a present to your future self. Lucky for me, the future was today. 

I took photos in the woods behind my parent's house, a place that always feels like home to me. Pennsylvania got about 20 inches of snow while Ben and I were on our road trip, so everything looks clean and white outside compared to the long stretch of gray highway we drove for the past few days to get home. The weather wasn't too cold this afternoon, so I was able to take photos without wearing a winter coat. It seems like winter is taking it easy on us this year.

Outfit Details
Skirt: Old
Shirt: Borrowed
Belt: Old (Originally from Hot Topic I think)
Hat: Parent's House
Tights: Old
Boots: Americorps-issued

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