Sunday, December 20, 2015

Outfit: Winter Sunshine

Isn't this tiny pineapple adorable?
My family has a Christmas tradition of going to a local botanical garden every year in December. We hike around the chilly grounds and warm up in the greenhouse exhibitions. To fully enjoy the day, comfortable walking shoes and layers are a necessity. This year I am wearing my recently purchased yellow coat. It was originally from Old Navy but I found it at a thrift store for seven dollars. I have wanted a brightly colored coat for ages because for the past nine winters I have been wearing the same black pea-coat that I had in high school. Although black does have its place, I want to bring more color to the winter. It can be such a drab time of year and wearing dark colors only seems to add to it. The hat I am wearing was found sitting by the side of the path on a walk through the woods; I walked past it twice and examined it for critters before adopting it. If it is your hat let me know and I'll return it to you.
-Photos by my Dad

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