Thursday, December 10, 2015

Outfit: Fall Keeps Trucking

Right when I thought winter was upon us, we were blessed with a gorgeously warm day. It felt almost too hot for my knit hat and jacket. Not that I am complaining-I absolutely love warm weather. Some people are miffed that it isn't more Christmasy outside but I wouldn't mind summer weather all year long. Bare legs in December is usually unheard of so I am relishing the sunshine and soaking up the warmth. This outfit is compiled almost entirely of hand-me-downs except for the hat and leaf pin which I purchased at a recent craft sale. The army medic jacket is a relic from the 1970's that was given to me several years ago from a vintage shop where I worked in high school. At first I felt a little funny about combining the army jacket with the yellow sundress and very feminine over-shirt (I usually throw the army jacket on with a t-shirt and pair of jeans) but this blog is meant to stretch my sense of style and try different looks. Here is to dressing new with what you already have! 

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