Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Designer Spotlight: Monica Bacon of Oh Me Oh My

Monica Bacon of Oh Me Oh My Clothing designs her own fabrics to create adorable handmade clothes. Hot air balloons, animals, constellations, and architecture give a new spin to classic cuts resulting in an original modern meets vintage look that pops from the crowd at a reasonable price. It means a lot for me to say this because I usually don't spend more than twenty dollars on any item of clothing but the way I look at it is this: A person could easily spend the same amount of money on a cookie cutter dress that everyone else is wearing so if you are going to shop, you might as well shop out of the box. This season's trends should not be chosen already by big brands dictating what you can buy. Support artists, small businesses, charity shops, and people who care about the product they are selling. You will end up with unique and quality pieces that you can cherish while putting your money in a good place. 

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