Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Outfit: Sunset at the Carwash

This was actually my third time trying a shoot in front of this carwash. The background would either reflect or block too much light depending on what time of day I showed up there with my camera. I now have photographs of myself wearing three different outfits in front of this gigantic Car Wash sign. It might be time to format my SD card because I do not think I am going to use the extra photos for anything. Blogging has taught me so much about photography and I now own a plethora of pictures of myself. Sometimes it feels a little egotistical but I try to keep the photos focused more on creativity and stretching myself to wear interesting outfits than about looking pretty. In these pictures, I like the way my shirt ended up matching the teal paint of the sign.
Outfit Details
Thrift shop shorts $2.00
Tights: Target $1.70 clearance
Shirt: Very J ($10.00 secondhand)
Old denim jacket
Total Outfit Cost: $13.70


  1. Blue & brown together is one of my favorite color combos :) I love thrifting for cute clothes, so it's great to see how you put together cute outfits without breaking the budget.

    ~ Sammi of The Feather Box Blog

  2. Absolutely love the car wash background. It sis brilliant and your outfit is lovely.