Saturday, November 21, 2015

Outfit: Late Light Blue and Green

I am quite excited about this new cardigan. I sewed it together by cutting the vest part off of one cardigan and attaching it to the sleeves and back of another cardigan. The result is a baseball t-shirt looking sweater that I am proud to wear. Through working on this blog I have been discovering the wonders of designer clothing. Not big name brand designer clothing but individual designers who sell their products on Etsy or in small businesses. Their work inspires me to support independent artists and try my hand at making my own clothes instead of buying mass produced factory fashion. This green and blue sweater is my first attempt to create a new look for myself and I am eager to try out similar projects in the future.

Outfit Details:
Boots: Steve Madden (purchased secondhand)
Skirt (Dress): Blutsgeschwister
Hat: Nine West (hand-me-down)
Cardigan: I made it myself
Old Tights

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