Monday, March 20, 2017

Pink Dress in the Snow

This pink dress is a hand-me-down from my older sister that I've wanted to feature in a snowy photo shoot since last winter. Unfortunately the day I took these photos, the window of time in between snow and freezing rain was quite limited (as was my tolerance for working outside without a coat) so I didn't get any of the shots I originally envisioned but the results did turn out quite fairytale-esque don't you think?

I would really love to try this again when snow is still powdering the tree branches and thick flakes are coming down (similar to this wedding shoot). Ah well, next time!
Wishing you another happy Monday!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Winter Thaw

After several days of tantalizingly warm weather, winter swept back through, dosing us with snow and ice. The poor spring flowers don't know what to make of it and my dreams for feeling comfortable outside have frozen over. But the cold weather does keep me practical. I have a uniform in the cold: Boots, pants, ski jacket, scarf. Clothing is armor. Minimalism rules the wardrobe. I don't want to experiment with skirts and cardigans, I want warmth and wind protection. The cold simplifies my options and I hardly care what I look like as long as I'm guarded against winter's chill. 
But spring is on the way. Our days are longer, blossoms are sprouting through the hard earth, and sweet branches are beginning to bud. Just bit longer I should be back to photographing regular outfit posts (you may have noticed I've been in a lull). For now let's raise our hot drinks to daylight savings and the changing of seasons. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Daily Vibes: Fresh

We are visiting family in Massachusetts this week. The baby in these photos is my newest niece Chaya. I know, I know, all babies are adorable but this girl is particularly enchanting. She has the sweetest little gnome face that has me debating changing my blog focus to child and infant photography and forgetting about clothes all together.
The rest of the photos in this post were taken at a farmer's market we visited on Saturday. Set inside a greenhouse, visitors could browse fresh produce, hand dyed wool, seedlings, and artisan cheeses. We bought some baked goods, hot coffee, and enjoyed warming up surrounded by lush green plants away from winter's cold wind. Ben and I are both on spring break from school (teacher schedules are the best) so we're staying in Massachusetts most of the week before heading back to Pennsylvania with enough time to adjust to our regular schedule before work starts up next Monday.

Happy March! 
Love, Joy

Monday, February 27, 2017

Daily Vibes: Calm

Lately I've been inspired by Today Is blog posts on A Beautiful Mess. The premise is to take photos throughout the day around a specific theme (or just take photos and see if a theme emerges). These were all photos I snapped this past weekend (mostly early Saturday morning). The theme is calm and refreshed because that's how I woke up feeling. Sunlight soaked through my open bedroom window, the air was warm, acoustic music tinkled through the house, and I didn't have to be anywhere immediately. In high school and college I was a complete night owl, but these days I find myself enjoying mornings more and more. There is something both relaxing and exciting about the start of a new day. With potential to explore, read, create, and visit with friends, weekends can't get much better. Mmmmmhmmm. Wishing you well this week!
Cheers, Joy.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Winter Mix Tape: Couple's Photography

This winter has given me much needed time to listen to music. Long evenings have me reaching for my headphones to get lost in the intricacies of new albums as well as enjoying the comforts of old favorites. So more often then not, I find myself making playlists. If you follow my blog, you may remember this summer mix tape post I put together at the end of August. In the post I talked about feeling nostalgic for a car with a cassette player. Cute, right? Fast forward 5 months and we're now the proud owners of a 2002 Honda accord complete with a tape deck and CD player. Thank you very much. Pfffft. Ok, ok, I know it's really not something to brag about (especially because the only reason we have this car is because we totaled our old car in the snow) but hey! No judgments here! While I'm at it, I might start bragging about my flip phone as well! Jk everyone. Jk. I do own a smart phone. Anyhow, Ben and I took our new old car on a little date to the park this evening (60 degrees in February. Crazy. Loving it) and ate pizza while I buzzed around taking pictures to practice more couple's photography. It's a tricky thing. Being in photos and being the photographer. Constant running back and forth, adjusting settings, tripod, poses. Despite my continual practice taking outfit photos, I'm still much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. But photography aside, Ben and I had a most excellent time. Pizza, music, being outside. What's not to like?
Skirt patch by Tatooit

Winter Mix Tape
  1. Survive by Dr. Dog
  2. A Century of Elvis by Belle&Sebastian
  3. January Hymn by The Decemberists
  4. You Were Never There by Diego Garcia
  5. San Francisco by Foxygen
  6. Only the Young Die Good by Saintseneca
  7. Nothing Matters When We're Dancing by The Magnetic Fields
  8. Can't You Tell by Vetiver
  9. Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman
  10. The Cracks by Wild Child
  11. You Only Live Once by the Strokes

You can listen to this list my visiting my Spotify account here.

Outfit Details
Everything is old or thrifted

Monday, February 13, 2017

Library Love Notes

I like using Valentine's Day as an excuse to do random acts of kindness. This year that meant leaving encouraging notes in library books. Do you like doing anything special for Valentine's Day? I know hearts and doilies aren't for everyone but I still think it's nice to recognize the holiday in some small way (even if it has nothing to do with romance).

Monday, February 6, 2017

Winter's Garden

My father says the most beautiful gardens are grown in January. When the ground is frozen and your mind is aching for color. Seed catalogs arrive. You daydream about raspberries, lavender, and summer squash. When the air is warm. When the earth is soft and rich. This is where my mind is. Winter feels so long. So unrelentingly gray that I wish I could take a nap until the birds return. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dior Spring 2017

I'm not in love with high fashion. Most of the time I find the pieces so detached from anything I would actually wear that I get bored with them. I can window shop ready-to-wear designers for hours but just can't relate to runway fashion. Dior is often an exception to this rule. This year's spring couture collection stood out to me especially. I enjoy the dreamy, fairytale quality of these pieces. The runway for the show was designed after a garden maze with hedgerows and flowers. It's a lovely combination don't you think?  

Monday, January 30, 2017

How You Can Help Refugees and Immigrants

 Ok, some crazy things happened this weekend that I could not ignore. The government banning immigrants and refugees with green cards and valid visas is not acceptable. As American citizens, we are gifted with the liberty to participate in government. Right now I believe it is vital for us to get involved and make some noise for the people who are not able to stand up for themselves. The United States is a country founded on immigrants. If you look at history, each new wave of immigrant people was disliked to some extent (think brawling Irish, filthy Italians). But after a generation we all become Americans. It's part of what makes the United States so awesome. Below are five different organizations that stand up for immigrant rights that you can get involved with.

For Immigrant Rights and Assistance:
  1. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) works to defend and preserve the rights and liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution. 
  2. American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) promotes peace and justice for a variety of causes including immigrant and refugee rights.
  3. National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (NNIRR) works to expand and defend the rights of immigrants.
  4. The Young Center works specifically on behalf of immigrant children's rights.
  5. Amnesty International is a global human rights organization which educates and gives clear plans to activism for a variety of causes including refugee rights.
Other things you can do:
  • Make your voice heard: letters and phone calls make a difference. Let the president know what you want. Let your state senators and representatives know what you want. I'm writing a letter to the white house asking President Trump to lift the immigration ban. You can too. 
President Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington D.C.

For my fellow Pennsylvanians, Pat Toomey and Bob Casey are our senators.
Email Pat Toomey here.
Email Bob Casey here.

Here is the list of Pennsylvania House of Representatives.
Write to your district representative voicing concerns.
  • Petition: Sign this petition mandating congress to help refugees.
  • Join the Community: Attend (or organize your own) protest or rally. Share the videos on social media. Let immigrants know they are not alone. 
  • Donate: Donate money or supplies to organizations that fight for immigrant rights. Even $5 makes a difference.
Each one of these actions is just a drop in the bucket. There are thousands of other people putting their drops in as well. Taking action is so important. 

 Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door. 
Lady Liberty

Wednesday, January 25, 2017